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Domaine Roumagnac

Les actualités :


Crée le 23/06/2016

Grape Varieties :  50% Négrette, 50% Syrah,

Soil :  Gravel, Silica

Harvest and vinification :  100% mechanical harvest, unique for destemming the grapes directly during the harvest. Only the juice is put into tanks.

Separate vinification by varietal for a year.

Then the two tanks are blend and the vinification restart for another year.

To finish, the wine stays two years in bottle before selling.

Potential Alc. By Vol :  13%

Tasting notes : 

«The color is very intense with red black cherry hues.

The jammy blackcurrant aromas exhibit the remarkable natural richness of the grapes. A great freshness, and a vegetal hint.

The Negrette releases powerful black fruit and spice aromas.

The wine develops enormous body and its presence in the mouth is impressive.

Its power and its temper are well representative of Southwest spirit.»