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Domaine Roumagnac

Les actualités :

Fronton Rosé Authentique

Crée le 23/06/2016

Grape Varieties : 

60% Négrette, 20% Syrah, 20% Gamay

Soil :  Gravel, Silica

Potential Alc. By Vol :  12,5%

Tasting notes :

« A very clear coppery pink color which lets you dive into its transparency.

The nose is intense and elegant. The aromatic notes provide a blend of fresh red fruit (red currant) and citrus fruit (grapefruit).

The mouth is very pleasant, round and nervous. Freshness is coated with the natural sweetness of alcohol. Its notes of fruit and lightness can appeal both men and women. It will satisfy you throughout the year.»

Food pairings :

This wine will perfectly match with summer cuisine, salads, grilled meats or fish, and fresh goat cheese.